Definition of stock horse in English:

stock horse


NZ, Australian
  • A stockman's horse.

    • ‘Likewise, the horses aren't pony clubbers or trail riders, but working stock horses bred and trained for rough conditions on El Questro Station where they are used by he and his contract mustering team.’
    • ‘There is now a scramble to re-assemble horse plant all over Australia's north and a good stock horse commands good money.’
    • ‘He epitomised our national character, even though many Australians who walk in his boots have never ridden a stock horse or watched the sun come up over the Gammon Ranges.’
    • ‘When finally he had his last mustering, and sold up the farm to retire to Melbourne, it was my great honour to inherit his gentle stock horse, Dainty.’
    • ‘Stockmen and stock horses make their comeback against the helicopter in northern Australia.’


stock horse

/ˈstɒk hɔːs/