Definition of stock brick in English:

stock brick


  • A hard solid brick pressed in a mould.

    mass noun ‘the house is built of yellow London stock brick’
    count noun ‘the path, laid in stock bricks’
    • ‘Both terraces have three storeys over basements and are of stock brick, the ground storeys rusticated and rendered.’
    • ‘One yard of paving requires 36 stock bricks, of above dimensions, laid flat, or 52 on edge; and 35 paving bricks laid flat, or 82 on edge.’
    • ‘These ward blocks were typical of Hine's style, in red brick with courses of yellow stock brick banding and concrete lintels above sash windows.’
    • ‘There has been a move away from wirecut bricks to bricks with more character such as stock bricks.’
    • ‘Example: 12 stock bricks per cycle x 180 cycles per hour would give you 17,280 bricks per 8 hrs, but in practice we prefer you to reduce it by 25% depending of the operators.’
    • ‘The gable and rear walls are of stock brick but it is the facade that fulfills the Victorian ideal of having a building that is both useful and beautiful, a celebration of Victorian commerce.’
    • ‘Exceptional colour and size consistency make Blockleys’ Heritage stock bricks the only choice when brickwork of the highest quality is required.’
    • ‘Certainly the other flank wall of the building, facing on to the cinema's car park, is of common stock brick.’
    • ‘Mid - Victorian properties built between 1870 and 1880 are generally yellow stock brick frontages and slate roofs.’
    • ‘The four ranges of the square were faced entirely with London stock bricks, and, aside from the centrepieces, were without any unifying order of columns or pilasters.’
    • ‘Dreischmyer stock brick was used in this building on the northwest corner of First and San Fernando streets, San Jose.’
    • ‘The houses are constructed predominantly in yellow stock brick, with slate roofs and timber windows.’
    • ‘This dark red multi stock brick offers a darker alternative to our range of traditional stock bricks used by regional and national housebuilders in the South East.’
    • ‘The walls of the building were constructed with stock bricks set in lime mortar and plastered with lime mortar.’
    • ‘The first recorded fire was in 1788 with the second in 1871, when the mill was rebuilt to three storeys high using stock brick for the walls and slate for the roof.’
    • ‘The photo below was taken at a site where approximately 4000 stock bricks had been off-loaded.’
    • ‘There are two circular Bilau hardwood decks edged in London stock bricks with cobble and stepping stone centre.’
    • ‘Nestling deep in the East Sussex countryside, West Hoathly is famed for its character stock bricks - not just locally, but throughout the country.’
    • ‘It is built of stock brick from various sources, and the piers are decorated by stone impost bands and rendered plinths.’
    • ‘There are times when new bricks can really make a statement, and the latest stock bricks from Ibstock deserve to be framed and put on the wall - let alone be used for building it’