Definition of stock-proof in English:



  • (of a fence or other barrier) effective in preventing livestock from straying.

    • ‘Many landowners do need to erect wire fencing in order to keep in livestock, as a stile can be a weak point in an otherwise stock-proof fence.’
    • ‘An AONB project officer explained that the country practice remains a traditional form of land management and helps to keep countryside borders vigorous, healthy and stock-proof.’
    • ‘The objectors cite the distortion of the line of stock-proof fences as proof of the continuing landslides.’
    • ‘A partnership spokesman said: ‘Dry stone walls are an important feature of the area but 60% of them are derelict or not stock-proof and we are working to improve this situation.’’
    • ‘All plantations must be completely stock-proof and fenced to Forest Service specifications.’
    • ‘This results in an instant stock-proof barrier.’
    • ‘So the efficient earthing of any energiser is most important - without it you will never get a stock-proof fence.’
    • ‘These fields are not stock-proof which means they can't put stock on the land," he said.’
    • ‘After they complained that cattle had strayed onto the track, leaving mud and excrement, the judge told them to put up a stock-proof fence to stop that happening.’