Definition of stock-keeper in English:



  • 1A person who is in charge of the goods or merchandise in a warehouse or for a company.

    ‘he was a stock-keeper and later a machinist in a paper factory’
    • ‘He listed himself as single, was an only child and his civilian occupation was stockkeeper.’
    • ‘Described by the stock-keeper as a steady and reliable worker, Yvonne has done more than one job in the despatch department during the year she has been at East Tilbury.’
    • ‘The job involves being continually in touch with stock keepers to ensure that the deliveries are being done promptly.’
    • ‘I'm talking, of course, about enterprise-class devices: the scanners that grocery clerks use to track inventory, the handhelds that stockkeepers take into the warehouse.’
    • ‘I was an assistant stock-keeper in the wholesale stock room and well known on the Bata Estate where I lived.’
    • ‘In 1812 he was elected a stock-keeper of the Stationers ' Company, in 1825 a member of the court of assistants, and in 1833, master of the company.’
    • ‘Soon after I finished this, I was told I had passed, and would be made a stock-keeper.’
  • 2NZ Australian historical A person who looks after livestock.

    ‘only a trained and competent stock-keeper should perform the dehorning of cattle’
    • ‘There are not less than eight thousand of these animals killed annually; by parties stationed in the interior, by stockkeepers, bushrangers, and others.’
    • ‘Ryan originally claimed that stock-keepers of the Van Diemen's Land Company gave Aborigines poisoned flour.’
    • ‘Corporal Shiners of the 40th Regiment, a police constable and three stockmen pursued Aborigines who had killed a white stock-keeper.’
    • ‘Tamed foxes that are released are a problem for poultry farmers and other stock-keepers as their lack of fear enables them to take fowl during daytime, near to human activity.’
    • ‘An unknown and unknowable number of Aborigines had been killed by the so-called 'borderers' - the stockkeepers in remote regions, the sealers, the timber-cutters and the escaped convicts.’
    • ‘He advocated arming convict stock-keepers.’
    • ‘In 1869, William Hone, stockkeeper at Overland Corner married Sarah Marey of Alberton.’
    • ‘The quarrel of the natives with the Europeans was daily aggravated by every kind of injury committed against the defenceless Natives, by the stock keepers and sealers.’