Definition of stitching in English:



mass noun
  • 1A row of stitches sewn on to cloth.

    ‘the gloves were white with black stitching’
    • ‘It all began with walking in the door and having a uniform chucked at me, black shirt with white stitching, and tan pants.’
    • ‘Inside, there are now red seat inserts and chrome cabin highlights, white instrument faces and plenty of red stitching: the black and red scheme underlines the car's sporty appearance.’
    • ‘He also has a black hat at his side, with stitching that matches his jacket.’
    • ‘She pulled out a plain black shirt with purple stitching and set it on top of the pants to her side.’
    • ‘There are strange Runes embossed into your belt and others on your wrist bands, and your single glove has a curious pattern of black and gold stitching across its back.’
    • ‘The young man was dressed in boots, a white dress shirt that had yet to be tucked in, and over that a black vest with colorful stitching on the side.’
    • ‘These creases are in turn overlaid by circles and whorls of black thread stitching.’
    • ‘Brandon immediately pulled out a pair of black capris with lavender stitching.’
    • ‘The man is described as Asian with a small moustache and was wearing a sports jacket while the woman had blond hair and was wearing a black coat with white stitching.’
    • ‘A quilter, she discourses regularly on the simple joys of stitching cloth, of creating harmony from scraps.’
    • ‘Unpick the errant stitching and reposition the rolled hem under the presser foot.’
    • ‘I of course ripped out all of my horrendous stitching and quickly stitched up the edges of the cloth, so as to make it unrecognizable as a former unfinished sampler.’
    • ‘I've another Chanel bag, which is older, and is also quilted in black with cream stitching.’
    • ‘She wore a beautiful crimson kimono with black stitching of cherry tree blossoms in full bloom.’
    • ‘The tank top was black with orange stitching around the armholes and neck.’
    • ‘For those who love a more casual style, the Owens, a sleek silhouette with contrasting stitching in black and chocolate, lace-up or with an elastic is a must buy.’
    • ‘The main stitches used are stem stitching and laid-and-couched stitching.’
    • ‘The stitching is straight and even, double-stitched in stress areas.’
    • ‘A fine quality shirt should have solid yet discreet stitching around the seams and buttons.’
    • ‘The house tailor had created a knee length black coat with gold stitching that somehow managed to slim his waist and broaden his shoulders.’
    1. 1.1 The action or work of stitching or sewing.
      ‘one of the mares cut her leg and it required stitching’
      • ‘He took a wound to the mouth requiring four feet of stitching and a catering pack of kitchen towels.’
      • ‘The act of sewing or stitching is ostensibly one of women.’
      • ‘She was taken to a hospital in Carcassonne and she now has a broken collarbone and several deep abrasions that required stitching.’
      • ‘She, on the other hand, was far superior at stitching and all manner of sewing.’
      • ‘A large number of them are employed in activities such as stitching, packing and embroidery works.’