Definition of stipulator in English:



  • See stipulate

    • ‘As the stipulators and administrator of rules in mobile game industry, mobile operators haven't done enough in cooperation with other parties in industry chain and remain in a passive situation.’
    • ‘A pavilion targeted to architects and stipulators where exhibitors will be showing architectural glass, door and window hardware, films, bath enclosures and more.’
    • ‘All personal data of both stipulators will be used for interrelationship needs only.’
    • ‘The intention among the stipulators in the front line with the concept term ‘inclusion’ is to express a completely new dimension and a new way to understand this special education concept.’
    • ‘The names of the fellow stipulators of this gift are seen to be written below and are confirmed with a succession of autographs so that they not be dishonoured by a worthless deception.’