Definition of stinkingly in English:



  • See stinking

    • ‘And I prefer to drink with them personally at first to make sure they aren't crazy drunks or stinkingly incapable after the first round.’
    • ‘I took the train down from Edinburgh yesterday, and didn't realise until I stepped out of the carriage precisely how stinkingly hot it is at the moment.’
    • ‘Sentimental liberal internationalism - everything has to be done through the U.N., no matter how stinkingly corrupt and ineffectual it is - is just as inadequate to the challenges of the age.’
    • ‘Having said that though, Nick probably wants someone who's not only based in the USA but also stinkingly cheap.’
    • ‘Nevertheless, in the strain and stress of my poverty, I am aware I am stinkingly rich in comparison to most of the people in the world.’