Definition of stinking hellebore in English:

stinking hellebore


  • A European hellebore with greenish purple-tipped flowers.

    Helleborus foetidus, family Ranunculaceae

    • ‘The species that is often taken for granted is the unfortunately named stinking hellebore, H. foetidus.’
    • ‘The stinking hellebore produces large clusters of white flowers and the leaves are almost strap-like, adding a feathery texture to the garden.’
    • ‘Flowers and bruised foliage are unpleasantly aromatic (foetidus meaning fetid), thus giving rise to a number of somewhat hyperbolic common names for the species including stinking hellebore, stinkwort and dungwort.’
    • ‘In the third year, all the flowers were stinking hellebores, all the amanitas were in various tones of green, and he had all the trees classified into two groups, light-green and dark-green.’
    • ‘H. foetidus, stinking hellebore, has deep green spidery leaves and nodding, tubelike green flowers with a red-brown edge.’
    • ‘Our stinking hellebores do have a ‘peculiar’ odor, and I am a long-term heavy smoker (I know very bad) but even I can smell it, so you know it is pungent, at least from our plants.’
    • ‘Known as the stinking hellebore, although I've never noticed an off odor about them, H. foetidus is a lovely, although relatively short-lived plant for shady gardens.’
    • ‘Here's Della with the first of the so-called stinking hellebores, Helleborus foetidus, in bloom.’
    • ‘I hate to take out the plain old stinking hellebores since they were quite cheery over the winter and the Wester Flisk hasn't gotten a winter to show its mettle.’
    • ‘Also known as bearsfoot hellebore, stinking hellebore is hardy in zones three through nine.’
    • ‘Earlier this month a mislabled Helleborus purpurascens began flowering and the buds of the Ivory Prince and stinking hellebores are ready to pop.’
    • ‘Occasionally you can find the Helleborus foetidus, or stinking hellebore, but all are worthwhile in the garden.’
    • ‘The binomial name of helleborus foetidus translates to bad smell or stinking, thus the common name of stinking hellebore.’
    • ‘It's rare to have snapdragons, salvia, nicotiana, and osteospermum (blue-eyed daisy) blooming at the same time as winter jasmine, heath, and stinking hellebores (H. foetidus), but that's life in the northeast, I guess.’
    • ‘The stinking hellebore gets its name from the fact its blooms have an odd odor to them.’
    • ‘A variegated Hellebore argutifolius and a Hellebore foetidus (stinking hellebore) with its prolific bell shaped light green flowers are important foliage plants throughout the year.’
    • ‘The stinking hellebore gets its name from the unpleasant odour it emits, which is more noticeable if you pinch the glossy, serrated leaves.’
    • ‘H. viridis, the green hellebore and H. foetidus, the stinking hellebore (both used in garden settings) cause poisoning similar to that of H. niger.’
    • ‘One February morning some years ago my brother and I set out from Cromer to look for stinking hellebore Helleborus foetidus.’
    • ‘Once within the gloomy confines of the fir forest, the flora is reduced to stinking hellebore, spurge-laurel, shrubby hare's ear, Etruscan honeysuckle and stinking iris, coloured by red and sword-leaved helleborines along the sides of the path and sheets of Paeonia coriacea from late May onwards.’