Definition of stinkhorn in English:



  • A widely distributed fungus which has a tall whitish stem with a rounded greenish-brown gelatinous head that turns into a foul-smelling slime containing the spores.

    Family Phallaceae, class Gasteromycetes: many species, including the common European Phallus impudicus

    • ‘The service is performed for stinkhorns by flies, which are attracted by the smell of rotting carrion which they emit and which accounts for ‘stink’ in their name.’
    • ‘The source of the odor - enough to send even the most ardent picnickers packing - is the slimy, greenish brown matrix (seen here on the arms of the stinkhorn), which houses the spores.’
    • ‘A stinkhorn is perhaps the most repellent fungus there is, which is saying something.’
    • ‘I remember going with her along country paths, watching her smash stinkhorns with a special stick that she reserved for the purpose.’
    • ‘While not, strictly speaking, a plant, several specimens of squid stinkhorn fungus Pseudocolus schellenbergiae attracted interest.’