Definition of stink bug in English:

stink bug


  • another term for shield bug
    • ‘Low numbers of adult stink bugs, Euschistus conspersus Uhler, have occasionally been observed in or near traps baited with > 20.0 mg pear ester septa (ALK and DML, unpublished data).’
    • ‘I have already seen a couple of stink bugs this week.’
    • ‘‘Bean leaf beetles and stink bugs are major pests,’ he says.’
    • ‘Using percent frequency data, they found that beetles, stink bugs, froghoppers (Homoptera: Cercopidae), and moths all occurred in > 20% of the stomachs of 21 bats.’
    • ‘Chemicals used to kill the stink bugs generally kill beneficial insects, too.’
    • ‘Jaz, a newly arrived Sikh student was informed that his path to acceptance in his new school involved rounding up stink bugs and putting them in Mong's bag.’
    • ‘Southern green stink bug females from Ethiopia produce vibrations in plant stems that are used by males to locate them.’
    • ‘These include the tarnished plant bug, a relative of the stink bug; the little black sap beetle and the strawberry clipper, but they usually are less troublesome on strawberries than birds and slugs or snails.’
    • ‘Female egg guarding occurs in a wide variety of insects, including lace bugs, stink bugs, cockroaches, and treehoppers.’
    • ‘There he unearths dozens of small green stink bugs - shield-shaped, half-inch-long creatures.’
    • ‘He is also working on part of an immunological/biochemical test that would link to a method developed by an ARS entomologist to score the reproductive potential of spined soldier bugs and two-spotted stink bugs.’
    • ‘He and his students began to study insects, too, and published research on Alaska yellow jackets and stink bugs.’
    • ‘On the plant side, a Brazilian entomologist is working at the Insect Chemical Ecology Laboratory in Beltsville, Maryland, looking for ways to control stink bugs, a soybean pest in both Brazil and the United States.’
    • ‘Thresholds for stink bugs in corn have not been developed.’
    • ‘And, several species of spiders, damsel bugs and predatory stink bugs kill young larvae.’
    • ‘Using hi-tech equipment to pick up and broadcast the tiny vibrations, Charlotte was able to ‘eavesdrop’ on the stink bugs' courtship.’
    • ‘During the recent bamboo flowering in Bhadra, naturalists noticed a sudden and massive spurt in the numbers of a species of insect called the stink bug Dolycoris indicus belonging to the Pentatomidae family (sub order: Heteroptera).’
    • ‘One stink bug in ten spikes is considered significant enough to impact yield and quality.’
    • ‘In the stink bug, Nezara viridula, females allowed to choose their mates laid more fertile eggs during their lifetime than those assigned males randomly.’
    • ‘Individual costumes included the stink bug, praying mantis, dragonfly, grubworm, horsefly, gypsy moth, boll weevil, yellow jacket, monarch butterfly, two mean bugs and a nice bug as well as the ever popular maggot.’