Definition of stingless in English:



  • See sting

    • ‘Although Panama's native bees - mostly small, stingless varieties - helped coffee growers a little, he says their virtual replacement by Africanized bees has begun stabilizing coffee yields in the country at near-optimal levels.’
    • ‘He leads us to the log hives of stingless black bees, which produce Chardonnay-colored honey - a highlight of the Maya diet that is harvested only during full-moon ceremonies.’
    • ‘Beekeepers in Mexico's Yucatán peninsula have abandoned the traditional method of harvesting honey from stingless native bees in favor of the more aggressive Africanized bees because of vastly improved honey yields.’
    • ‘We are testing several species of tiny, stingless wasps, the sharpshooters' natural enemies, to see whether they can quash expanding sharpshooter populations.’
    • ‘One egg parasitoid, a tiny, stingless wasp called Gonatocerus triguttatus, has already been released in California by researchers at the University of California at Riverside and APHIS.’