Definition of stingingly in English:



  • See sting

    • ‘If only it could be a comedian from each side approaching the frontier armed only with stingingly witty epigrams and snappy verbal put-downs.’
    • ‘Their stingingly cruel taunts and the sound of their mocking laughter goes right through me.’
    • ‘The pride in insularity, the lip service paid to children and spouses, the hypocrisies soothed by a Sunday church service, the celebration of the auto, and the shallow dismissal of politics couldn't be more stingingly apt then or now.’
    • ‘What is clear is that the old guard had little time for him, and he stingingly concludes by pointing out that his own Test average with the bat is almost identical to that of his captain's.’
    • ‘In their bitter recriminations Lear, Gloucester and Edgar are vindicating Lear's Fool, who has been stingingly indicting his master's folly and society's hypocrisies from the play's first scene.’