Definition of stinger suit in English:

stinger suit


  • An item of swimwear that covers the whole body, designed to give protection against jellyfish and other stinging sea creatures.

    ‘the wet season is hot and sticky and you cannot swim in the ocean without a stinger suit’
    • ‘I really should have been wearing a full stinger suit, as it is recommended at all beaches here at this time of year even if you're in the water for just a couple of seconds as I was!’
    • ‘Pantyhose have been used by life guards in Australia for many years, and now colorful "stinger suits" are frequently seen on the beaches in the summer.’
    • ‘He warned those planning to take to Ningaloo waters to wear stinger suits, bring vinegar to douse any stings and know first aid.’
    • ‘I've borrowed a stinger suit from Ann's husband Jeremy, who's also coordinator of the North Queensland Conservation Council.’
    • ‘We're always outfitted from ankle to wrist in purpose made stinger suits.’
    • ‘No shark cages, no protective nets, no stinger suits or other performance-enhancing assistance or protective equipment will be used.’
    • ‘Snorkellers on the Great Barrier Reef are advised to wear protective full-body stinger suits.’
    • ‘We ventured out to a small quay, and after donning our stinger suits, we jumped in with our flippers and began to explore.’
    • ‘As our dive class dons our stinger suits, I notice a tattoo on the torso of our dive instructor, Zac.’
    • ‘You should consider wearing stinger suits or long-sleeved clothing if you're swimming up north.’