Definition of stimulatory in English:



  • See stimulate

    • ‘The inflationary decade scared policymakers so much that when financial crisis hit Asia in 1997, the IMF preached austerity rather than stimulatory spending to spur struggling economies.’
    • ‘The FDA has recently issued a warning that anti-depressants can cause stimulatory side-effects such as agitation, panic attacks and aggression.’
    • ‘The Budget was not as stimulatory as it could have been.’
    • ‘Ireland joined EMU at a time when the economy was already on fire and it then had to endure an exchange rate and an interest rate level that were way too stimulatory for Ireland's unique economic situation.’
    • ‘You need to wait for some time to see whether U.S. consumer confidence, which is propping the economy, will be shaken - or gets bolstered by the Federal Reserve's rate cuts and other stimulatory measures.’