Definition of stimulatingly in English:



  • See stimulating

    • ‘The possessed Curtis monotone mantras are thankfully still present but they're stimulatingly recontextualised by fitting primitive synth drums and repetitive square basslines.’
    • ‘While this week's socially lubricating Libran influences astro-energise your community interaction and put you in an enjoyably outgoing and stimulatingly loquacious mood, still there's some niggling undercurrents.’
    • ‘This year's offering is a well-rounded, stimulatingly eclectic mix which gives a real flavour not only of artistic practice in contemporary Scotland, but also of how that relates to international developments.’
    • ‘That convention, stimulatingly entitled ‘The Single Convention on Narcotic Drugs of 1961,’ prohibits coca cultivation, putting it currently at odds with Bolivia's national policy allowing a certain level of production.’
    • ‘Wouldn't their inspiration be as stimulatingly poignant (although inevitably diverse) upon the earthly plane, if not the Celestial Terminus?’