Definition of stillborn in English:



  • 1(of an infant) born dead.

    ‘a stillborn baby’
    ‘one of the twins was stillborn’
    • ‘Their risk of dying in childbirth is doubled and of having stillborn babies trebled, and other physical, sexual, and relationship problems are common.’
    • ‘Doctors also argue that detailed autopsy of stillborn babies has allowed pathologists to identify viruses that can cause miscarriages.’
    • ‘The Health Department has launched a review of mortuary procedures after a stillborn infant was mistakenly taken from Geraldton Regional Hospital to Greenough Prison last week.’
    • ‘Infants usually are stillborn or die shortly after birth from respiratory failure.’
    • ‘The true incidence is likely to be even higher; stillborn babies were excluded from this study because new mothers often don't see them.’
    • ‘Pregnant women are routinely tested for syphilis because of the high risk that babies of mothers with untreated syphilis could be stillborn, or born with syphilis.’
    • ‘We did not approach women whose babies were stillborn or died as neonates.’
    • ‘The doctor also showed me the book of horrors kept by the medical staff - photographs of the grotesque, mis-shapen, stillborn children born in the hospital.’
    • ‘Now to get to know him well, it doesn't matter if it's a stillborn baby or a 95-year-old grandfather, what I need to bring from inside of me is the value of doing this.’
    • ‘In addition, three stillborn babies died of proved group B streptococcal infection, one during labour.’
    • ‘Secondary infertility is when you've had one or more babies in the past but can't conceive again, or if you've had one or more miscarriages or stillborn babies.’
    • ‘We know from other graves that it was common for parents to put a small marker with initials for a stillborn child or an infant.’
    • ‘This Mass will be of particular interest to parents of stillborn infants of babies who died shortly after birth.’
    • ‘We did not include stillborn children but included children dying from delivery until 31 December 2000 in the cohorts.’
    • ‘Defined as a loss prior to 20 weeks gestation, a miscarried fetus does not receive any kind of funeral rights in a hospital, unlike stillborn babies.’
    • ‘This malformation is incompatible with life, affected infants are either stillborn or die in a few days.’
    • ‘The test was used to test the association between the incidence of congenital malformations occurring in live and stillborn babies in the exposed and unexposed wards for the years before and after the site opened.’
    • ‘They are trained to presume that a dead infant is stillborn unless there is countervailing evidence.’
    • ‘Tragically, about one-third of these babies are stillborn and the rest die in the first days of life.’
    • ‘The authors conclude that encouraging parents to view and hold stillborn infants does not benefit mothers and could have an adverse effect.’
    1. 1.1 (of a proposal or plan) having failed to develop or be realized.
      ‘the proposed wealth tax was stillborn’
      • ‘And his thrashing of the first six stillborn proposals is right, but late.’
      • ‘Definitions, however, are not enough: if they are not followed by a viable action plan, they remain stillborn.’
      • ‘But the problem is how to revitalize a stillborn plan, how to find enough lawmakers to join and whether the incentives offered to them will be enough.’
      • ‘His stillborn plans for regional mini-parliaments in Yorkshire and across England were yesterday savaged by an influential group of MPs.’
      • ‘By early June, with the plan seemingly stillborn, he began to search for a compromise that could salvage the linchpin of his program.’