Definition of still and all in English:

still and all


  • Nevertheless; even so.

    • ‘It's true that we in academic pharmacy may not live in the Utopia that characterized Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood but, still and all, the similarities definitely outweigh the differences.’
    • ‘An old one, sure, and one with sloppy paint, bald tires, and orange rust chewing at the rocker panels, but still and all, a Cadillac in the attic.’
    • ‘The point of all of this is that still and all, I keep coming back.’
    • ‘Yes, I know trick-or treating is more like trick-or-petty rime these days, but still and all the spirit world can be quite virulent this time of the year.’
    • ‘A wonderful, fabulous, magnificent game, to be sure, but, still and all, a game.’
    • ‘I mean, that may well be true but still and all, show me the money as it were.’
    • ‘But still and all, it's not that real scientists are in a ‘Give me Darwin or Give Me Death’ mode, as the creationists claim.’
    • ‘Polls show that Prince Charles is certainly not as popular as his son, but still and all, he will be king first.’
    • ‘But still and all, it's worth remembering that stakeholder systems have shown promise in the past, not just in theory but in many years of practice.’
    • ‘But still and all, we feel that Government should take the NCZ problem more earnestly this time round to ensure that the plant resumes its full production capacity as soon as possible.’