Definition of stifle bone in English:

stifle bone


  • The bone in front of a stifle.

    • ‘The black-and-white horned bull took him to the title before it was discovered that the bull had a fractured stifle bone in his right hind leg.’
    • ‘Most of my recipient cows have calved embryos from my best lines - bred to Dafyd D' Ochain, a powerful, extremely muscled black and white bull, passing on width, good length of plate and small stifle bone in his progeny.’
    • ‘The stifle bones join the thigh bone and should be distinctly angled at the stifle joint.’
    • ‘Her stifle bone is slipping - it's not the best diagnosis I could've got, but at least it's fixable.’
    • ‘The hock bone is strong and together with the stifle bone should form a firm hock joint.’