Definition of stiff as a board in English:

stiff as a board


  • (of a person or part of the body) extremely stiff.

    • ‘I made my back as stiff as a board, glaring the whole while at the poor boy.’
    • ‘He nodded and reached for her shoulder and found it to be as stiff as a board.’
    • ‘He would lay in his bed flat on his back, stiff as a board, tightly clutching his blanket with the fingers of both hands.’
    • ‘He uttered a faint, choking gasp, and toppled over backwards, stiff as a board.’
    • ‘The first sign of her low mood was that she was actually slouching and not sitting as stiff as a board, as she usually did.’
    • ‘She looked tired with dark circles beneath her eyes and she was as stiff as a board, trying to fight the pain.’
    • ‘By the time I hit the beginning of Toronto my feet were killing me and I was stiff as a board all over.’
    • ‘Dustin fought to stay up, to stay stiff as a board, but eventually the bear succeeded in knocking him over.’
    • ‘He was shocked, so much so that he was holding his breath and was as stiff as a board.’
    • ‘He put his arms around her and at first she resisted in the only way she could: by remaining stiff as a board.’