Definition of stiff-arm in English:



[with object]
  • 1Tackle or fend off (a person) by extending an arm rigidly.

    ‘he stiff-armed Jones’
    • ‘What separates Owens is his ability to stiff-arm and outmuscle defenders to make huge yards after the catch.’
    • ‘All you see is him stiff-arming somebody 20 yards down the field and breaking a 40-yard run and scoring.’
    • ‘Mention his name and just try to imagine him doing something other than stiff-arming a tackler and high-stepping into the endzone.’
    • ‘The baserunner, however, can counter this by stiff-arming his opponent or doing a rough slide into the base.’
    • ‘During a 63-yard touchdown run in a Monday night game, the Cowboys' running back stiff-armed a Vikings defender and got his fingers caught in the player's facemask.’
    • ‘You watch Eric when he catches a hitch and stiff-arms somebody, then he's looking for somebody else to run over.’
    • ‘However, in general play he had already stiff-armed two of the Bury squad and gone unpunished.’
    • ‘He nailed one in the jaw with the butt of his gun, but the other cop caught him behind the knees with his pistol, then spun around and stiff-armed him with his left arm.’
    • ‘The fans jumped on the field, but I would score even if I had to stiff-arm them.’
    avoid, evade, eschew, steer clear of, shy away from, fight shy of, recoil from, keep away from, keep one's distance from, give a wide berth to, have nothing to do with, leave alone, not touch
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    1. 1.1 Treat (someone) in a cold and unhelpful way.
      ‘the department still appeared to be stiff-arming the media’