Definition of stickseed in English:



  • A plant of the borage family which bears small barbed seeds.

    Genera Hackelia and Lappula, family Boraginaceae: several species, in particular H. floribunda, which resembles a forget-me-not

    • ‘Several nonnative noxious weeds have invaded stickseed habitat and threaten to out-compete the stickseed for the available nutrients.’
    • ‘The fruits of the showy stickseed are spurred and covered with stout hairs that cling to the hair and bodies of animal.’
    • ‘The primary reason for not designating critical habitat for showy stickseed is because the species has been repeatedly collected for many decades.’
    • ‘The Yukon also has 16 introduced species of borages, a group of agricultural weeds that includes stickseeds and forget-me-nots, and 14 introduced species of mustards.’
    • ‘All stickseeds are undesirable weeds that can become abundant in overgrazed areas.’