Definition of stick together in English:

stick together

phrasal verb

  • Remain united or mutually loyal.

    ‘we Europeans must stick together’
    • ‘We stuck together, shared what little we had, and loved and respected each other.’
    • ‘He said that it was important communities stuck together to fight crime and is hoping to set up a neighbourhood watch in the area.’
    • ‘It's been really tough but the boys have stuck together to come through.’
    • ‘Mutually relieved to find a friend, we stuck together in both class and playtime.’
    • ‘Through high school I noticed that the smarter kids stuck together.’
    • ‘Most of my friends met their partners during their teens and have stuck together ever since.’
    • ‘I knew that if they all stuck together they would pull it off.’
    • ‘But the cast stuck together in Venice, where some of the questioning during a press conference grew nasty.’
    • ‘‘We arrived at the place and no-one was there so we all stuck together,’ said Ted.’
    • ‘But the workers stuck together, supported their union and won the strike.’