Definition of stick by in English:

stick by

phrasal verb

  • 1Continue to support or be loyal to (someone), typically during difficult times.

    ‘I love him and whatever happens I'll stick by him’
    • ‘He was a couple of years older than me, but we really stuck by each other.’
    • ‘I sometimes wonder myself why I stick by you, defending you from all of the criticism.’
    • ‘There's no denying that I wouldn't be doing it now if dad hadn't stuck by me and been so supportive.’
    • ‘I am thrilled that our supporters are sticking by us as they seem to realise the predicament we are all facing.’
    • ‘The directors stuck by the pair at this difficult time.’
    • ‘If I thought Sally was guilty, do you think I'd have stuck by her like I have?’
    • ‘There's a whole platoon of people sticking by you and giving support.’
    • ‘His best feature, though, was that he was extremely loyal and would stick by his friends no matter what.’
    • ‘Twelve years she had stuck by me, supporting me when I was at my worst.’
    • ‘He stuck by me and if he needs me, for whatever job, I am ready to give my all.’
    support, stand by, be loyal to, remain faithful to, be supportive of, be on someone's side, side with, back, defend
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  • 2Adhere to (a commitment, belief, or rule)

    ‘I will stick by my promise to help them raise funds’
    • ‘One or two of the more mercenary tour operators have stuck by ludicrous booking conditions.’
    • ‘He continues to stick by what he believes in.’
    • ‘The referee was there, on the spot, made his decision and stuck by it!’
    • ‘But it's a decision I made and I'll stick by that.’
    • ‘Why can't he just make a decision and stick by it?’
    • ‘He stuck by his recent prediction that Irish house prices would increase by an average of 6% in 2004 and said the rise could turn out to be even higher.’
    • ‘And after hearing what has happened I'm glad I stuck by that decision.’
    • ‘We stuck by our beliefs.’
    • ‘She was optimistic they would stick by their original plan.’
    • ‘I made a decision to wait until I get married, and have stuck by it.’
    • ‘He hit back at the allegations and said the county had continued to stick by the terms of the agreement, which he claimed his critics had misunderstood.’