Definition of stick at nothing in English:

stick at nothing


  • Allow nothing to deter one from achieving one's aim, however wrong or dishonest.

    ‘he would stick at nothing to preserve his privileges’
    • ‘A moment afterwards she has reason to regret her magnanimity, for she has to deal with a villain who will stick at nothing.’
    • ‘She will stick at nothing to achieve her ambitions.’
    • ‘Against a class of men who themselves stuck at nothing, everything was held to be permissible.’
    • ‘He would stick at nothing to defend me from the violence of his bloodthirsty accomplices.’
    • ‘Lacking all self-restraint, they stuck at nothing to gain their ends, and both sides made ruthless use of any successes they won.’
    • ‘This is what generally ruins great states - when each party will stick at nothing to overcome its opponents, and having done so, takes vengeance on them without mercy.’
    • ‘He was resolved to stick at nothing for the securing and advancing of his honour and power.’
    • ‘He stuck at nothing, either to advance his satellites or to destroy his enemies.’