Definition of stick at in English:

stick at

phrasal verb

  • Persevere with (a task or endeavour) in a determined way.

    ‘I'm the type to stick at something even if it gets on top of me’
    • ‘He got his scoop by sheer determination and sticking at it.’
    • ‘If I'd stuck at it in an orderly fashion I'd have got it all done and, fair play, I have managed to do the urgent stuff.’
    • ‘They stuck at their task and caused one of the best nations in world football a lot of problems.’
    • ‘And we're going to be successful because the president is absolutely determined to stick at it.’
    • ‘She's been determined and shown fortitude and she's stuck at it.’
    • ‘But we stuck at it and as the game went on we improved our stability.’
    • ‘Maybe I should have stuck at it though, as it sounds like I had it easy.’
    • ‘In stifling heat this was never going to be a vigorous or vibrant game, but we stuck at our task with discipline and brave reserves of energy.’
    • ‘He has stuck at it, and come out and told people what's been going on, and I think he's handled it with dignity.’
    • ‘After completing Grade 9, he went to work at a bakery in Berwick, and he stuck at that job for six years.’
    persevere with, persist with, keep at, work at, continue with, carry on with, go on with, not give up with, hammer away at, stay with, follow through, see through, go the distance, stay the course
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