Definition of stewed in English:



  • 1(of food) cooked slowly in liquid in a closed dish or pan.

    ‘stewed apple’
    • ‘It was served in a wine sauce, with a small mound of stewed vegetables and three herbed potato dumplings.’
    • ‘Guests are often given a choice of curry goat and white rice, rice and peas or kidney beans with fried chicken, or stewed chicken or beef for the main course.’
    • ‘She preserved stewed fruit in jars with screw tops and rubber rings and clips to hold them tight.’
    • ‘The third ingredient is stewed meat, and it is usually served with fried plantain and a salad.’
    • ‘The girls had been up all night cooking macaroni and cheese, scalloped potatoes and stewed pork.’
    • ‘This was served with a dish of stewed potatoes and turnips - a great complement to the flavorful meat, which was rosy and tender in places, wonderfully crispy and smoky in others.’
    • ‘Try stewed or baked fruit served with low fat crème fraiche for desert.’
    • ‘Caroline often felt cold and I advised her to eat more warm, lightly cooked and stewed food which would be easier for the body to digest and to regularly drink tea made with freshly grated ginger.’
    • ‘Most of these are boiled, served with some kind of stewed fish or meat, and accompanied by a sauce.’
    • ‘For dessert, many dishes include fried or stewed bananas.’
    • ‘Firing the stove he placed a pot of water onto the flame and then went into the barrel of salted meat so that he may cook himself a hardy meal of stewed duck with wheat bread.’
    • ‘Standard dishes such as stewed beef and home-style bean curd are frequently requested here.’
    • ‘Rabbit cooked in brown beer with stewed prunes is a regional specialty.’
    • ‘Side dishes range from boiled vegetables with a piece of dried fish to fried and stewed dishes including meat curries.’
    • ‘Flummeries are a traditional English pudding made from cereal grain and served with stewed fruit.’
    • ‘Around each of the larger dishes were collections of stewed vegetables.’
    • ‘Hearty casseroles, chunky soups and old fashioned crumbles and puddings involving stewed pears and syrup become inexplicably appealing.’
    • ‘This is the variant I cooked yesterday… if I'd had them I would have added some sliced parsnip, and it never hurts to throw in a couple of big juicy sliced tomatoes with a stewed beef recipe.’
    • ‘Another house specialty is the sweet stewed apples that give every plate a homey feel.’
    • ‘A stomach-teasing aroma of stewed food was in the air, and the thrumming of African bass guitar wafted through the open window.’
    1. 1.1British (of tea) tasting strong and bitter because of prolonged brewing.
      • ‘We never mustered the nerve to tell him how brewed and stewed and foul it really was.’
      • ‘They made contemptibly lukewarm, stewed tea, not the burning hot, intensely flavoured medicinal liquid that made you gasp as you sipped it.’
      • ‘They change to the colour of stewed tea to the point where you can't see the bottom in six inches of water.’
      • ‘Any profits help rehouse the city's homeless, so you might expect it would be run like a soup kitchen with trestle tables and urns of stewed tea.’
      • ‘It seems strange to me, a visitor, that the stewed tea, rigid morals and lurid wallpaper of Fifties England should jump cultures so easily, but why not?’
      • ‘Another substance containing large quantities of tannin is cold, stewed, strong tea.’
  • 2informal Drunk.

    ‘we got stewed at their party’
    in combination ‘the man was half-stewed’
    intoxicated, inebriated, drunken, befuddled, incapable, tipsy, the worse for drink, under the influence, maudlin
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