Definition of stew in one's own juice in English:

stew in one's own juice


  • Be left to suffer the consequences of one's own actions.

    • ‘I'm even staying in Wil's room, but until you can get your mind out of the gutter and ask me for the whole story, you can just stew in your own juice.’
    • ‘Yet, it has to be admitted, on perusing the reports from around the world, that many governments feel little commitment to media freedom - if anything, the opposite - and are more than content to let journalists stew in their own juice.’
    • ‘Or you could look elsewhere and leave Leeds to stew in their own juices.’
    • ‘Thinking things through by writing about them, venting about things that anger or upset me, stewing in my own juices until I am ready to move on is what I do.’
    • ‘In its original form no help was to be offered, and a deindustrialized Germany was to be left, as one official history comments, ‘to stew in her own juice for a long time’.’
    • ‘Our NATO allies, Brits and Poles excepted, have left us to stew in our own juice.’
    • ‘They are currently stewing in their own juices in prison.’
    • ‘So most people would be better off to save their money and leave the Leftist college teachers to stew in their own juice.’
    • ‘So, for the most part I just sit in traffic stewing in my own juices.’
    • ‘I sat in the cafeteria for a little while longer, stewing in my juices and trying to concoct a way to wreak revenge on Robb.’