Definition of Stetson in English:



trademark in US
  • A hat with a high crown and a very wide brim, traditionally worn by cowboys and ranchers in the US.

    • ‘He bought me a beer and as we stood drinking, he squinted at me from beneath the brim of his Stetson.’
    • ‘He looked in at us from under the wide brim of the black Stetson he wore, instantly tipping it when R. smiled that dazzling smile of hers that tends to soften the hardest heart.’
    • ‘Hank lifted his head as two men in black and white filigreed cowboy shirts, Stetsons, bolo ties and blue jeans stepped out of a sleek silver pickup.’
    • ‘Albuquerque has stores and warehouses crammed with boots, as well as Stetsons, jeans and belts.’
    • ‘Note how he has artfully curved the brim to resemble a Stetson.’


Late 19th century: named after John B. Stetson (1830–1906), American hat manufacturer.