Definition of sternpost in English:



  • The central upright support at the stern of a boat, traditionally bearing the rudder.

    • ‘The man is nearly swept off of the deck where he had been standing but gets wedged in between the sternpost and the rudder.’
    • ‘Leaning heavily to port, the 200 ft Al Mansur was at the whim of the tide, bobbing around the main dock of Basra surrounded by an ugly puddle of diesel oil, its Iraqi flag hanging limp and torn at its sternpost.’
    • ‘The stern was thrown upward 20 feet, and the rudder and sternpost were torn out of her.’
    • ‘To this day, after she was brought down twice, once by a hurricane and the again by the failure of a few 50-cent pine dowels that served as stopwaters along the sternpost, I still struggle to keep my wooden boat afloat.’