Definition of stereotactic in English:


(also stereotaxic)


  • Relating to or denoting techniques for surgical treatment or scientific investigation that permit the accurate positioning of probes inside the brain or other parts of the body.

    • ‘Deep brain stimulation involves implantation of an electrode into a specific brain region using stereotactic neurosurgical techniques.’
    • ‘Various latest radiotherapy techniques like stereotactic radiosurgery, conformation radiotherapy, endovascular brachytherapy and chemoradiation for organ preservation have been described briefly.’
    • ‘During stereotactic surgical biopsy procedures, however, the perioperative nurse positions and monitors the patient and provides emotional support.’
    • ‘Even with stereotactic techniques, the risk of serious adverse effects from surgery is about 2 percent.’
    • ‘Our stereotactic technique involves placing a stereotactic frame on the patient's head on the morning of surgery and then obtaining an MRI with the frame in place.’