Definition of stereograph in English:



  • See stereography

    • ‘In the end, the sales of stereographs were meager, and the vast majority of people who saw O'Sullivan's photographs from the survey saw them at public expositions, often as full-plate prints rather than stereographs.’
    • ‘The ten stereographs located so far seem to verify the story of sixteen having been printed before the Chicago fire, all likely on the yellow Copelin & Son mount with the 131 Lake Street address.’
    • ‘It also coincided with the decline of the professional anatomical museum, as the glass slide, the photograph, photomicrograph, stereograph, film, and statistical table became the media in which anatomy and pathology were documented.’
    • ‘This bust is now lost, but its plaster cast is recorded in a rare stereograph of the artist in his studio in the mid-1860s.’
    • ‘A final gallery had 12 computer terminals equipped with specially designed goggles for viewing a programmed selection of 200 out of the thousands of stereographs Watkins made during his long career.’