Definition of stepper in English:



  • 1An electric motor or other device which moves or rotates in a series of small discrete steps.

    • ‘They are suitable for use with any standard two-phase stepper motor and offer four, user-selectable resolution settings.’
    • ‘Instead, the typewriters of today have a couple integrated circuits, a power supply, one or two stepper motors, a ribbon cable, a daisy print wheel, and a whole lot of air.’
    • ‘The two-sided timing belt is driven by a stepper motor in synchronism with the turret.’
    • ‘A computer-controlled stepper motor allowed the user to select from 31 filters.’
    • ‘The plungers of the pumps are moved via cams by stepper motors which swing or rotate back and forth within a certain angular range.’
    • ‘The drums were mounted on a platform that could be raised and lowered by an additional stepper motor.’
    • ‘But you will still need sophisticated manufacturing infrastructure and sophisticated steppers.’
    • ‘It will work with customers in the development of enabling technologies and integrated systems involving miniature solenoid valves and diaphragm pumps, motion controllers, stepper and servomotors, and related products.’
    • ‘The electronic throttle inputs are sent to a stepper motor which controls an eccentric shaft positioned next to the intake camshaft.’
    • ‘The pinhole was opened maximally to collect the most light and approximate wide field images Z axis position was moved at 0.12-m intervals with a stepper motor attached to the fine focus controls.’
    • ‘Both pistons are moved via cams by stepper motors.’
    • ‘The relationships linking the stepper motor position (number of steps) and wavelength have been obtained by averaging the results of more than 20 spectra.’
    • ‘Each probe can be moved in two directions, axis and angle, by stepper motors through a remote-control system.’
    • ‘The beam passes into an optical assembly consisting of cradled prisms connected to leadscrews and stepper motors that allow for horizontal and vertical motion, which creates a virtual source.’
    • ‘Spectra were acquired before the stepper motor began moving, throughout the 6-blanch cycle, and after the blanch cycle was completed.’
    • ‘I used a power stepper to transform the frequency and also to down the voltage from 240v to 110v.’
    • ‘Computer-driven stepper motors rotate the mirrors to obtain the desired angle of incidence.’
    • ‘A four-axis motion control card allows users to direct stepper motors or digital servomotors, and incorporates a motion control chip as part of its design.’
    • ‘For example, if a stepper motor will cause a movement of some distance, the distance will be converted to a number of step pulses and some number of feedback pulses via an encoder.’
    • ‘The actual amount of the foil delivered would be controlled by the stepper motor.’
  • 2A portable block used in step aerobics.