Definition of stepney in English:



  • A spare tyre for a motor vehicle.

    ‘thankfully, the stepney was brand new and was in good shape’
    • ‘I was so tired by the end of it that I had to wait for friends to arrive to tighten the screws on the stepney tire.’
    • ‘If you have a basic idea how to replace a punctured tire with a stepney it can save you time waiting for a mechanic.’
    • ‘Zain and Aaliya find that there is no stepney tyre in the car, so the tyre cannot be changed.’
    • ‘In case you don't have idea how to replace the tire with stepney you can call a roadside assistance service provider.’
    • ‘To avoid such situation make sure that you have stepney with proper air pressure.’


Early 20th century: originally denoting a wheel consisting of a pre-inflated tyre on a metal rim that could be used as a temporary replacement for a punctured tyre; from Stepney Street in Llanelli, Wales, where the wheels were manufactured.