Definition of stepmum in English:


(US stepmom)


  • informal term for stepmother
    • ‘I can vaguely recall my stepmum following my dad out of the bedroom.’
    • ‘He was my stepmum's dad and so was my step-grandad, I suppose, from 1982 until 1992 when he sadly passed away.’
    • ‘Right, that's it for now, my stepmum, Merrie, is playing the organ at church this morning and I am going along.’
    • ‘He immerses himself in his music as much as he can and tries not to get involved in all the ins and outs of what his dad and his stepmum Connie get up to.’
    • ‘Everytime my stepmum and I talk on the phone, which isn't a whole lot, she asks about my love life.’
    • ‘Arriving before anyone else, including my father and stepmum, we set the tone for the remainder of the day by heading to the pub for a relaxing pint before the hordes descended.’
    • ‘He said he has not seen the youngster for 18 months, despite the fact that he is desperate to introduce the nine-year-old boy to his new stepmum.’
    • ‘10 years later my stepmum suddenly established herself as a very good friend and I became a slightly awkward but loveable stepdaughter/stepsister!’
    • ‘On birthdays and at Christmas I'd only get one set of presents, whereas my friends got tons from stepdads, stepmums, social workers.’
    • ‘My stepmum said he had to stop playing because she thought it was a problem within their relationship, so he left me all of his poker books.’
    • ‘He said his two children from his previous marriage saw her ‘not only as a stepmum but also as a very fun and enjoyable friend to share their dreams with’.’
    • ‘Each year my dad and stepmum send out a Christmas letter to the family to so we can all catch up with the family gossip.’
    • ‘My stepmum was due to fly back home this morning to Houston for her mums 80th birthday tomorrow.’
    • ‘He also seems to get on well with his new stepmum.’
    • ‘Then, I did a bit of a ‘family’ kind of thing; my stepmum came down to see me and we had a lovely time chatting about growing up and life in general.’
    • ‘My stepmum will at some point dance alone in the hallway to a Rod Stewart cassette, fired up on brandy and festive cheer.’
    • ‘She's not that old, and reminds me a tad of my stepmum.’
    • ‘I can't decide whether I've been blessed or unfortunate to have two mothers - my birth mother and my stepmum.’
    • ‘But my stepmum has just had cancer and my dad went part time half way through the year to help look after her and my two younger sisters.’