Definition of stepdad in English:



  • another term for stepfather
    • ‘You're adjusting to a lot of changes, and it's not easy to accept a stepdad and stepsister.’
    • ‘Turns out she'd been out all day - she and my stepdad went to breakfast, went hiking, went out to lunch, went to a movie, went to dinner.’
    • ‘A few weeks ago my stepdad had simply stuck a hose in one end and waited for the mole to be flushed out.’
    • ‘Engineering was a trade that came quite naturally to him: ‘Both my dad and my stepdad are engineers, one electrical and one mechanical’.’
    • ‘And my kids will have a stepdad instead of a mommy's boyfriend.’
    • ‘I heard glass smashing around me and then Simon and his stepdad grabbed hold of me.’
    • ‘My stepdad is a contractor and he always hired more men over the spring and summer.’
    • ‘Boys aged between eight and 16 are being invited to take part in the weekends with their dads, stepdads or guardians.’
    • ‘Her dad is a big deadbeat and her stepdad is a bit of a jerk.’
    • ‘‘My stepdad has made some wise investments for me,’ he has said.’
    • ‘That was the point at which enough was enough and we sent them off to the sheep sales or our stepdad decided the freezer was getting a bit low and we needed some more chops and lamb roasts.’
    • ‘I was just wondering if you can give me some advice on with my stepdad, because me and him aren't communicating very well.’
    • ‘Plus when I was about 12 my stepdad cheated on my mom and I looked at my stepdad as a real father (he also had a child with this other woman).’
    • ‘Steven and his sister didn't like his stepdad much.’
    • ‘That stems partly from his own childhood: his father left home when he was seven, and the only child then had to adjust to a stepdad and his four children moving in.’
    • ‘Although really he is my stepdad I could not ask for a better father.’
    • ‘My mom's remarried, and I'm supposed to go with her and my stepdad.’
    • ‘Rob discussed this with my stepdad last night and it turns out that we have to have two doors that go out and they have to be far enough apart to be useful in emergencies.’
    • ‘He told me of my dad, my stepdad, grandma, grandfather and an old flame who died when he was 21.’
    • ‘Then, with one last yearning look, I parted with Kurt and, sauntering into my mother's bathroom, I noticed that my stepdad was still asleep - lucky guy.’