Definition of step out of line in English:

step out of line


  • Behave inappropriately or disobediently.

    ‘if you step out of line once more you're fired!’
    • ‘Stevens will now have to watch his back as hundreds of leaflets bearing his face, name and the areas he is banned from, are distributed by police so residents can report him if he steps out of line.’
    • ‘Now while the arrest numbers are high, police really showing a zero tolerance attitude for anybody who steps out of line.’
    • ‘Players are so in fear of stepping out of line off the pitch they are far from relaxed by the time they step onto it.’
    • ‘Now at least we will all know if she steps out of line and how to take action.’
    • ‘There would have been a massive fine if anyone was found to have stepped out of line in the way of drinking and fighting.’
    • ‘They taught me to let people know when they step out of line.’
    • ‘If a player steps out of line then he gets hauled over the coals.’
    • ‘If your boy steps out of line, do not reason or cajole.’
    • ‘We've encouraged the Environment Agency to be tight in their management of what's going on and I know they will act if the company steps out of line.’
    • ‘The first is the drill-sergeant type of manager who believes regimented procedure is the best method to ensure no player steps out of line.’