Definition of stentor in English:



  • 1literary A person with a powerful voice.

    • ‘When all six stentors are present, they take turns of ten minutes each; if for any reason only two are on duty, a half hour is the extreme required of one reader.’
    • ‘The average radio collector may find this hard to believe or accept, but voice transmission broadcasting was not a child of the radio age and the first stentors were not found in the United States.’
  • 2Zoology
    A sedentary trumpet-shaped single-celled animal that is widespread in fresh water.

    Genus Stentor, phylum Ciliophora, kingdom Protista

    • ‘This design may play a part in the marvelous ability of stentors to regenerate even when only a tiny fraction of the original individual is left intact.’
    • ‘Often, stentors will attach the lower portion of their pod to debris and assume the trumpet shape illustrated above.’
    • ‘Terry and Diana Lee in Room 409 Diana took the video, and Terry found the two stentors with multiple nuclei.’


Early 17th century: from Greek Stentōr, the name of a herald in the Trojan War.