Definition of stenohaline in English:



  • (of an aquatic organism) able to tolerate only a narrow range of salinity.

    Often contrasted with euryhaline
    • ‘In one group of species, osmoregulation varies little with developmental stage; the adults of these species, mostly marine and stenohaline, are weak regulators or osmoconformers.’
    • ‘The way coastal-dwelling stenohaline organisms deal with salinity changes is by continual migration to remain within a water mass of constant salinity.’
    • ‘Considering the three patterns of ontogeny of postembryonic osmoregulation, it is clear that the studied species classed in pattern I (all stages are weak osmoregulators or osmoconformers) are marine stenohaline osmoconformers.’
    • ‘Periods of decreased river flow enlarge the proportion of the estuary habitat favored by stenohaline organisms preferring highly saline conditions.’


1930s: from Greek stenos ‘narrow’ + halinos ‘of salt’.