Definition of stenographic in English:



North American
  • See stenography

    • ‘The paper encourages reporters to incorporate analysis into their reporting rather than compose a stenographic procession of facts, quotations, and official denials, allowing it in many cases to get closer to the truth than its rivals.’
    • ‘Sales included a rare first edition of Sir Isaac's stenographic shorthand from 1837, which fetched £763 and a £2,115 manuscript volume of his correspondence in shorthand between 1839 and 1843.’
    • ‘There should be a full stenographic record of the hearing available to the parties concerned.’
    • ‘This stenographic reliance on official sources is not in keeping with independent journalism.’
    • ‘More insidious than the numerous hothead pundits are the far more numerous reporters who can't stop providing stenographic services to official sources under the guise of journalism.’