Definition of Sten gun in English:

Sten gun


  • A type of lightweight British sub-machine gun.

    • ‘These weapons included German Schmeisser ‘burp’ guns capable of firing 450 to 550 rounds per minute, the American Thompson submachine gun, and Britain's Sten gun.’’
    • ‘Weapons training introduced the students to the Colt .45 and .38, and to the Sten gun, which was considered unreliable by some.’
    • ‘He grabbed his Sten gun in one hand and, holding up his trousers with the other, he brought his three captives out to us.’
    • ‘Out of frustration, he fired a few bursts of automatic fire from his Sten gun into the air.’
    • ‘My carbine was lost in the damaged container, leaving me with a Sten gun as a principal weapon.’
    • ‘They hid their Sten guns, deciding they were safer without them, but soon were arrested by a German patrol.’
    • ‘For the tirade had been so rapid, so like the Sten gun that could cut a man in two at 20 paces, that my numbed attention had wandered to the architecture and the decor.’
    • ‘He had his Mauser rifle slung over his shoulder and I had my Sten gun ready.’
    • ‘He jumped on top of the pillbox, recharged the magazine, threw a grenade in through the door, and fired his Sten gun into the box, killing two Germans and making the remainder prisoners.’
    • ‘The second sentry managed to fire a flare before he was cut down and killed by shots from Brotheridge's Sten gun.’
    • ‘There was also a Second World War Sten gun which he had reactivated, a Baikal pistol to which he had added a new barrel and silencer and a shortened Kestrel shotgun.’
    • ‘The man was as equally sullen; lumbering out of the shadows only after Harry was up the first flight of stairs, and positioning himself opposite the main door, a Sten gun rising up and out of his silhouette like a misshapen metal appendage.’
    • ‘His heart was thumping in his chest, his Sten gun raised, aiming forward.’
    • ‘The following British infantry mopped up what was left of us and I reached for the sky when I found myself looking at the wrong end of a Sten gun pointed at me by a British Tommy.’


1940s: from the initials of the inventors' surnames, S hepherd and T urpin, suggested by Bren.


Sten gun