Definition of Steller's jay in English:

Steller's jay

(also Steller jay)


  • A blue jay with a dark crest, found in western North America.

    • ‘Jays in the West include the Steller's jay (C. stelleri), which is common in coastal forests and mountains into the Rockies.’
    • ‘But the Steller's jay didn't want to take ‘No’ for an answer, and he kept cocking his head and displaying his black crest in what could only be described as an inquisitive manner.’
    • ‘There were a few Steller's jays visiting the feeders, along with an acorn woodpecker and a white-breasted nuthatch.’
    • ‘The eagles are courting, the crows building nests, the Steller's jays have come back to sit and fling insults and we can see baby salmon in the shallows of the river.’
    • ‘Next on the scene are the striking and regal Steller's jays with their ebony crested heads and shoulders melding to indigo.’


Named after Steller, Georg Wilhelm.