Definition of stellarator in English:



  • A toroidal apparatus for producing controlled fusion reactions in hot plasma, where all the controlling magnetic fields inside it are produced by external windings.

    • ‘The design techniques and physics analysis of modern stellarator configurations for magnetic fusion research rely heavily on high performance computing and simulation.’
    • ‘New stellarators beat the confinement problem by creating a quasi-symmetric field - trading fiendishly complex magnetic fields for fiendishly complex magnets.’
    • ‘A stellarator is machine that is designed for the magnetic confinement of plasma.’
    • ‘Research is being carried out on several types of stellarator differing mainly in the periodicity of the toroidal and poloidal components of their magnetic field.’
    • ‘These low-aspect-ratio stellarator-tokamak hybrids differ from conventional stellarators in their use of the plasma-generated bootstrap current to supplement the poloidal field from external coils.’


1950s: from stellar (with reference to the fusion processes in stars), on the pattern of generator.