Definition of stellar in English:



  • 1Relating to a star or stars.

    ‘stellar structure and evolution’
    • ‘He was also the editor or co-editor of substantial publications on the atmospheres of the Earth and the planets, the Solar System, and stars and stellar systems.’
    • ‘Because planets are so dim compared to stars, technology has not been able to spot them amid stellar glare.’
    • ‘This synthesis of nuclear physics and stellar astronomy has led us to four significant conclusions.’
    • ‘Scientists say the data will not only reveal the composition of the sun, but illuminate how our planet could have formed from clouds of stellar dust.’
    • ‘It has been used for observations ranging from galaxy structure to stellar evolution.’
    • ‘The remnant stellar core in the centre is now sending out a flood of ultraviolet light into the surrounding gas.’
    • ‘I researched my vet and found that although one nearby was okay, one only a short distance further had a stellar reputation.’
    • ‘He has photographed enough stellar nebula, white dwarfs and pinwheel galaxies to fill many a photo album.’
    • ‘Astronomers see these processes occurring in other stars and witness outbursts and oscillations in stellar sizes on all sorts of time scales.’
    • ‘Thus in 1495 Pico della Mirandola dismissed divinatory astrology as a confusion of real physical planets with stellar divinities.’
    • ‘If the interior of the Sun were better mixed then it might have a longer lifetime, but things are as they are, and stellar interiors are heavily stratified.’
    • ‘After about three years concentrating on a mathematical theory of stellar structure, Milne turned his attention to cosmology.’
    • ‘And a trio of roughly Earth-sized planets was found in 2002 to orbit a dense stellar corpse known as a neutron star.’
    • ‘It is also the first disk imaged around an M-type red dwarf, the most common type of star in the stellar neighborhood around the Sun.’
    • ‘The Great Pyramid could have functioned as a stellar observatory during its construction.’
    • ‘The stars are replaced by a homogenous sea of glowing hot gas with embedded jewels of stellar accretion disks, neutron stars and super nova remnants.’
    • ‘So many, perhaps most, of these so-called planetary systems may in fact be stellar or brown dwarf binaries.’
    • ‘At each stage, mass is lost, the stellar structure changes, and the star recycles chemical elements into space.’
    • ‘Dwarf irregular galaxies are probably fairly old stellar systems whose chemical and physical properties may be the result of the process of slow evolution.’
    • ‘Most theories of stellar evolution portray stars as lone entities or perhaps in a pair with one other star.’
    celestial, cosmic
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  • 2informal Featuring or having the quality of a star performer or performers.

    ‘a stellar cast had been assembled’
    • ‘Bensusan has established himself as a compelling concert performer and a stellar contributor to worldwide music festivals.’
    • ‘The audience loved him, but he seemed oddly unaware of the crowd, as if he was a star actor giving a stellar performance to a television camera.’
    • ‘In many cases, soldiers who were not stellar performers in the rear not only rose to the challenge but also impressed us every day.’
    • ‘Undoubtedly the launch of the musical in Melbourne this weekend will be a real gas, and how could it not be given its origins and stellar cast and Brooks here to send it on its merry way.’
    • ‘Befitting such a stellar cast, the performances were superlative throughout.’
    • ‘The £6m independent production has assembled one of those quietly stellar casts that more typically adorn a BBC costume drama.’
    • ‘This double disc features some of last year's best, a stellar line-up featuring the cream of the crop.’
    • ‘At least the selection of stellar performers should intersect with the tastes of someone on your Christmas list and save you both some embarrassment.’
    • ‘Altman must pull the strings for a stellar cast of 48, while interweaving maybe 20 storylines into a coherent whole with the aid of two observers.’
    • ‘Nonetheless, the date featured a stellar line-up of talent and those in attendance were quite appreciative.’
    • ‘The choreographer went on a quest for spirituality; he returned without answers, but with a few stellar performers.’
    • ‘The club's fortunes were considered to be inextricably entwined with those of their, supposedly, one stellar performer.’
    • ‘They won't risk tarnishing their reputation by recommending anyone who is not a stellar performer.’
    • ‘This might sound a bit like adverts for trips to Mars that are coming soon, but in Sweden, their absent hero has a stellar quality.’
    • ‘Director Stephen Daldry's experience in the theatre enables him to coax extraordinary performances from a stellar cast.’
    • ‘Add to that some solid performances from a stellar cast, notably an outstanding turn by Johnny Depp, and you have all the ingredients for a rollicking good tale.’
    • ‘His service in the Senate, while not describable as stellar, has featured some important moments of gravity and responsibility.’
    • ‘So all things considered Steve Waugh is equipped to become a stellar media performer, and which seems almost mandatory when a legend now leaves the crease.’
    • ‘One of the best soap opera parodies on television, Soap ran for four seasons and featured a stellar cast of players.’
    • ‘A stellar career has included stints as Poet in Residence at the Frost Place, New Hampshire, and Writer in Residence at Trinity College.’
    1. 2.1 Exceptionally good; outstanding.
      ‘his restaurant has received stellar ratings in the guides’
      • ‘They cannot promise their IPO companies stellar research ratings or even coverage.’
      • ‘The image quality isn't stellar, but as Cohen points out in the commentary, the movie looks good for a non-studio effort.’
      • ‘Somewhere in a parallel universe a stellar career in marketing is unfolding.’
      • ‘There was a stellar quality to the husband's contribution.’
      • ‘As long as you bear in mind that you're dealing with a toy, you might not be too bothered by the less than stellar quality.’
      • ‘The aluminum chassis has decent, but not stellar, ride quality.’
      • ‘Some of the features are really quite stellar, while others seem half-baked.’
      • ‘Estrada is a wonderful nominee, with stellar credentials and a record that would be the envy of practically any lawyer.’
      • ‘The show premiered two weeks ago to less than stellar ratings.’
      • ‘Instilling these values guaranteed my friend a stellar credit rating and history.’
      • ‘Glenview have lost a list of stellar names to their Super League rivals Abbey United, while many of those who waited at the club decided to wait in Sligo on Sunday as well.’
      • ‘Boasting a stellar career that spans over 40 years, Freddie began developing his craft in the mid-60s.’
      • ‘It's an exceptional read, a stellar reference, and a one-of-a-kind conversation partner for the trip.’
      • ‘The former ‘Dateline’ host went into the big-time talk arena, but ratings were less than stellar.’
      • ‘The exhibition provided a stellar chance to feature the work of five female artists from and for the Haitian art community.’
      • ‘Its not stellar video quality, but its far better than say Crimes and Misdemeanors, which I hope to get reviewed soon as well.’
      • ‘Not cheap but worth it, considering the stellar quality of the food and the setting, which could be mistaken for a small, exclusive club.’
      • ‘Take time to appreciate your stellar grades, that awesome masterpiece you painted for art class and the way you've been able to reach out to a troubled pal.’
      • ‘They are among the least expensive for all their stellar qualities.’
      • ‘He had, indeed has, a sort of stellar quality unmatched by all but one or two of his former colleagues in the Australian foreign service.’
      exceptional, extraordinary, remarkable, outstanding, amazing, astonishing, astounding, stunning, staggering, marvellous, magnificent, wonderful, sensational, breathtaking, miraculous, singular
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Mid 17th century: from late Latin stellaris, from Latin stella ‘star’.