Definition of Steinway in English:



  • A piano manufactured by the German piano-builder Henry Engelhard Steinway (1797–1871), or by the firm which he founded in New York in 1853.

    • ‘He demonstrates on a Stein fortepiano alongside the Steinway, discussing his decisions about articulation and dynamics in key passages.’
    • ‘The play, about piano tuners and a Steinway baby grand, is an absurd piece [hopefully] in the vein of Ionesco.’
    • ‘Amongst its treasures is the monumental Steinway concert grand piano, presented to Wagner by Steinways on the occasion of the first performance of the Ring cycle in 1876.’
    • ‘The studio also houses a Steinway C grand piano built in 1894.’
    • ‘As part of its 150th anniversary, Steinway & Sons is looking for the oldest Steinway grand piano and upright.’
    • ‘The boldest decorative statements in the open floor plan are the black baby grand piano - a 1927 Steinway on loan from a friend of the symphony - and the red arm chairs.’
    • ‘The architecture was always clear, but each new section had renewed purpose, with a resilient and singing tone to the piano, a Steinway which once belonged to the great pianist Malcuzinski.’
    • ‘Köhler sang in a most unlikely venue: the Hugendubel bookstore, where a Steinway grand piano most impressively towered above the rows of books.’
    • ‘The hall was empty now, except for the busts of former presidents and a Steinway grand piano, probably the only instrument of its kind in the entire country.’
    • ‘He led me and Zora to a raised platform where there was a Steinway grand piano, a large drum set, and a few speakers and amps set haphazardly around.’
    • ‘The piano was a white Steinway, not great but seemingly the best in Klaipeda - they're trying to get a new one but fund-raising is hard work (as it is everywhere).’
    • ‘It is a re-creation of a historic Steinway concert grand piano that was first exhibited at the New York World's Fair in 1939.’
    • ‘Outside medicine, playing his Steinway piano and golf took up much of his time.’
    • ‘Downstairs was the lounge, kitchen and my father's music room, with his treasured Steinway piano.’
    • ‘Another Steinway grand piano made around 1889 and formerly in the collection of James S. Inglis surfaced in 1984 but has since disappeared.’
    • ‘Virtual Grand Piano puts the sounds of a Steinway concert grand piano into the hands of someone with a computer and MIDI keyboard.’
    • ‘Anyway, it meant that, while he was completing his preparations for the day ahead, I got to play the piano - which is somewhat better than my piano in being a Steinway.’
    • ‘The basement is where the celebrity pianists go to pick out a Steinway for their recording sessions, concerts, TV shows.’
    • ‘He struggled to shuffle his way across the stage and sit down at the Steinway piano.’
    • ‘So they put the Steinway piano back together with the intention to get their money back on it, only to discover that it too would now only make thuds.’