Definition of steinbock in English:



  • An ibex, especially one living in the Alps.

    • ‘During the first ten days of July the lodge is surrounded by male steinbocks, that linger for a few days before seeking cooler habitats.’
    • ‘It is situated in the central Alps; it is rich of woods, glaciers and waters, and here groups of deer, steinbocks and chamoises are living.’
    • ‘Here you can walk above the clouds among myriad glacial lakes, cross a mountain pass while surrounded by steinbocks, and - if you sit down to admire the landscape - marmots may come to inspect you.’
    • ‘At the beginning of summer the young steinbocks are born and during their first months they are the eagle's favourite preys.’
    • ‘At the end of the pine wood and flowers of rhododendrons, one can admire the lovely view of lake, the reign of steinbocks, chamois and eagles.’
    • ‘And then he flashed me a smile that would have brought a steinbock to its knees, and my stomach lurched.’
    • ‘He can outmatch a steinbock any time when it comes to climbing.’


Late 17th century: from German, from Stein ‘stone’ + Bock ‘buck’.