Definition of steeple-crowned in English:



  • (of a hat) having a tall, pointed crown.

    • ‘The door, so tightly bolted, flew open, and there entered a dark figure with steeple-crowned hat, cloak, jack-boots, sword, and corselet.’
    • ‘Before he could speak a shadow fell upon the window, a figure of a small, swarthy man covered with a steeple-crowned hat advanced up the front steps.’
    • ‘Christmas Eve services are held at Nordseter Mountain Church and steeple-crowned 1882 Lillehammer Church.’
    • ‘He wore an unusual steeple-crowned hat and short mantle because of his admiration of the Pilgrims.’
    • ‘Our images of Mexico is big a steeple-crowned straw-hat, cactus and tacos.’
    • ‘A throng of bearded men, in sad-colored garments and gray, steeple-crowned hats, was assembled in front of the door of which was heavily timbered with oak.’
    • ‘They frequently wear high-crowned, broad-rimmed hats; however on some occasions they were less steeple-crowned and some again nearly of a scuttle shape.’
    • ‘Round flew the whip with the same scornful flourish, up came the heels, down went the steeple-crowned hat, and presently he reappeared, reposing as before and saying to himself, ` Ha ha!’
    • ‘They were dressed in steeple-crowned glazed sombreros, serapes of fiery colours, velvet calzoneros, white cambric calzoncillos, and leggins and shoes of undressed leather.’
    • ‘Embroidered felt skull caps are common; however, on important occasions, the wealthier men may wear tall steeple-crowned hats made of felt or velvet and embroidered with gold.’
    • ‘Take a morning paddle, then cruise down State Route 3 past sagging barns, covered bridges, and steeple-crowned villages to the South End Road trailhead south of Danby.’
    • ‘Mother Hubbard dolls are favorites this season, and as this consists in dressing them in a shirred cloak of cashmere or satin, with a poke bonnet or steeple-crowned hat.’
    • ‘His dress was a leathern doublet, with coat and breeches of coarse green cloth, stockings darned at the knee, heavy shoes, and a grey steeple-crowned hat, without band or lining.’
    • ‘On grand occasions, the wealthy don tall steeple-crowned hats, with the brim turning up in two immense horns, made of felt, or usually of velvet, embroidered often with gold.’