Definition of steeple in English:



  • 1A church tower and spire.

    • ‘The one room building was lop-sided now, and a portion of the roof had collapsed in on itself, causing the steeple to lean and crumble.’
    • ‘In a few weeks the females will lay as many as five eggs each in nooks of old roofs, in church steeples or in ancient walls surrounding Muslim and Jewish holy sites in the Old City.’
    • ‘All I could see of it was the church steeple and point of the roof of Town Hall.’
    • ‘He pointed at the end of the road, about a quarter-mile down, where a small church steeple rose above the maze of jagged red roofs.’
    • ‘Atop one of the lower hills, a lone building shaded by a grove of oaks stood watching over the rest; a white steeple protruding skyward from the shingled roof as if reaching for the heavens themselves.’
    1. 1.1 A spire on the top of a church tower or roof.
      • ‘They formed a long procession straggling on endlessly through the valley towards the distant roofs and church steeples of the Suburbs ahead.’
      • ‘He could see the Presbyterian Church's steeple over the low roofs of the office buildings and warehouses, and he could hear cars, so he knew where to go.’
      • ‘A little chimney jutted out of the back of the roof, beyond the steeple.’
      • ‘Perched on the top of a mountain, Letefoho sports a majestic cathedral with a steeple of praying hands mounted on the roof.’
      • ‘The roof was curved upward, with a steeple at the top.’
      spire, church tower, tower, bell tower, belfry
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    2. 1.2archaic A tall tower of a church or other building.


[with object]
  • Place (the fingers or hands) together so that they form an upward-pointing V-shape.

    • ‘The admiral steepled his fingers in a poise of deep thought.’
    • ‘He leaned back and steepled his fingers together over his chest.’
    • ‘He leaned back in his chair and steepled his fingers.’
    • ‘‘I've been doing a quick inventory of my curses,’ he told me, steepling his fingers.’
    • ‘The doctor set the bag on the bag and steepled those long-fingered hands before his face, studying them thoughtfully.’
    • ‘There she was, sitting at her desk with that evil smirk on her face, her hands were steepled in front of her eyes.’
    • ‘She glanced around the room again, now that she'd lost interest, and steepled her fingers in her lap.’
    • ‘Leaning forward, Hrold rested his elbows on his desk and steepled his fingers against his chin.’
    • ‘Rick now sat forward, steepling his fingers together, and said quietly, ‘Laura, I don't know… isn't that a bit harsh?’’
    • ‘The woman leaned forward, steepled her fingers.’
    • ‘She steepled her fingers, and leaned her head against the top ones thoughtfully.’
    • ‘Grant steepled his fingers and leant his chin on them, looking for all the world like he was evaluating her.’
    • ‘Remae leaned back into the chair and steepled her hands, her chin resting on two fingers.’
    • ‘Anders had steepled his hands and rested his chin on them.’
    • ‘He leaned back on the chair and steepled His fingers together.’
    • ‘‘I think we should pick up where we left off at our last meeting,’ purred Bill Lee, steepling his fingers.’
    • ‘He steepled his fingers and smiled at me over the froth of his latté. He smelled of verbena and tobacco flower, and there were fewer lines around his eyes than I remember.’
    • ‘Thomas sits opposite to him, flashes him a quarter-second smile, and steeples his fingers.’
    • ‘‘It is very hard to gain the trust of a dragon,’ Ghoma said tentatively, steepling his fingers.’
    • ‘He steepled his fingers on his chin, thinking about how much work would be lost if the gravity wells couldn't withstand the stress of the wormhole.’


Old English stēpel, of Germanic origin; related to steep.