Definition of steepen in English:



  • Become or cause to become steeper.

    no object ‘the snow improved as the slope steepened’
    • ‘This downward strike will steepen the angle of approach, producing solid contact and giving you the high wedge shot that lands softly.’
    • ‘The attacks started from the gun, and one group after another was brought back to the fold until the road steepened a bit around the 40 km mark.’
    • ‘The addition of snow and ice in the accumulation zone and its loss in the ablation zone cause the glacier's downslope or long profile to steepen, increasing the stress on the ice crystals within it (Fig.’
    • ‘Shoreline edges can be steepened with a dragline to give the sides a 3: 1 slope and a minimum of shallow water.’
    • ‘Then below, beyond my feet, I saw the slope steepen, then disappear.’
    • ‘So long as the music industry does exactly the opposite by branding all their customers as criminals bent on theft then I suspect the decline in sales will only steepen.’
    • ‘The path bears left and begins to steepen, following the wall which leads all the way to the summit of Lingmoor Fell.’
    • ‘Technically, continental shelves are defined as the region of ocean floor between the coast and the shelf-break, where the seafloor steepens into the continental slope and plunges toward the abyssal depths.’
    • ‘The steep fault along Leathad Riabhach and Glen Beag is a steepened lateral ramp of the Ben More Thrust and not an extensional structure, throwing doubt on the existence of ‘surge zones’ in Assynt.’
    • ‘Then the road got worse, the shade diminished allowing the sun to beat down mercilessly, and the gradient steepened as the corkscrew twists became sharper and sharper.’
    • ‘This surface is weakly convex and steepens rapidly forming a cone-like structure, or stem, which is approximately 60 Jim in diameter at the base of the cap and narrows slightly toward the stem base.’
    • ‘Thus, spreads could widen a lot, and the private debt yield curve should steepen on initiation of this strategy if it is deemed likely to work.’
    • ‘As the slope steepens, warm, moist air overrunning the cold air is cut off and the precipitation coverage begins to rapidly decrease.’
    • ‘If the slab steepens as it rolls back then the deeper the slab is from the hinge line, the greater the horizontal component of extension.’
    • ‘A fairly well-used path runs up alongside the Allt Coire an Dothaidh although higher up it becomes faint, and the final few hundred metres to the bealach steepen considerably.’
    • ‘Along the Leathad Riabhach gully, the Ben More Thrust steepens into a subvertical fault with gneiss to the NE and quartzite to the SW.’
    • ‘In hyperopia, the laser indirectly steepens the central cornea by removing tissue from the periphery, thus increasing the cornea's focusing power.’
    • ‘For the adventurous, the slope steepens at the end of the wall, descending to 40m or more and the bottom of the old riverbed.’
    • ‘Thus, the demise of the stability pact can be expected to steepen the yield curve - which will tend to slow down the economy.’
    • ‘The Stratek tower rises a full hundred and twelve storeys above this city, a glass behemoth with a broad base that gradually steepens towards the top.’