Definition of steenbok in English:


(also steenbuck, steinbok)


  • A small African antelope with large ears, a small tail, and smooth upright horns.

    Raphiceros campestris, family Bovidae

    • ‘Other game reintroductions include Liechtenstein hartebeest and steenbuck.’
    • ‘We had already seen a couple of rhinos, a small steenbok and a pair of battleur eagles when the call came through on the radio from one of the other vehicles: ‘Lions, lions, zebra kill, zebra kill!’’
    • ‘It now houses more than 20 of the zoo's animals, including five white lions, sitatungas, antelope, deer, meerkats, a baby steenbok and an aviary with more than 100 species of birds.’
    • ‘They have stolen a statue of a steenbok from Wits University, as well as the plaque on the striking black granite cube commemorating Enoch Sontonga, author of the national anthem.’
    • ‘It was a night for steenbok, springhares and Cape hares too whose eyes lit up by our torch lights raised diminishing levels of excitement as we saw more and more.’
    • ‘They have observed that when caracal numbers in their region are moderate, that there is an increase in natural prey animals such as hares, steenbok and dassies.’
    • ‘The Reserve is stocked with small game - blesbok, mountain reebok, duiker, klipspringer and steenbok, as well as the small creatures: mongoose, tortoise and genet.’


Late 18th century: from Dutch, from steen ‘stone’ + bok ‘buck’.