Definition of steed in English:



literary, archaic
  • A horse being ridden or available for riding.

    • ‘The contest, as portrayed in the film, is a centuries-old annual event restricted to the best Bedouin horsemen and the finest Arabian steeds.’
    • ‘Suddenly a king and his army galloped into town, mounted on powerful steeds.’
    • ‘Three suitors had kissed it, mounted their red roan steeds and ridden away.’
    • ‘There, I was introduced to his fellow members of the hunt, resplendent in their finery on top of their steeds, and I got my first inkling of why hunting generates such hatred among its opponents.’
    • ‘Jockeys were usually wealthy men who at first owned their horses, and rode naked on bareback steeds.’


Old English stēda ‘stallion’; related to stud.